Body & Soul Massage Therapy, LLC



Team Massage Therapist


Body & Soul Massage Therapy, LLC by Victor Reyes, CMT is committed to providing the Indianapolis area with premier Massage Therapy services that can be tailored to each specific client.

Located at Fitness By Design, Body & Soul Massage Therapy, LLC is dedicated to providing you with a friendly and relaxing environment where you can achieve your goals and maximize your health.

Massage therapy can:

  • help reverse the negative effects of stress
  • repair damaged muscle tissue
  • improve circulation
  • detoxify your body
  • relieve tension
  • improve digestion
  • enhance muscle tone
  • increase mental alertness

Massage Therapy not only benefits the body, but benefits the mind as well. Experience mental and spiritual healing as your mind releases stress and worry, and allows a renewed sense of energy and emotional well being to enter your soul.

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